Last udpated: 09/04/2024

Updating the Blog

I cleaned up the design of the blog a bit. The 11ty setup started to feel pretty messy after I added Tailwind, so I moved the site to Astro. I’m a big fan now. It’s such an easy tool to work with.

Now, I’m going through the backlog of post ideas I have and getting them ready for publication.

Next, I want to set up a projects page to document what I worked on over the years. I’m starting to forget!


I’m putting the finishing touches on devreading.com — a book recommendation site for developers.

Computing has so many different niches, but bookshops almost always clump all computer books under IT. That makes the category very difficult to browse. Sure, you can search for a specific title. But when you’re looking for an interesting programming book, you have to wade through mountains of unrelated security certification material and CCNA/CCNP guides. I’m sure that networking professionals feel the same way about programming books.

Dev Reading helps you find interesting books in your niche that you didn’t know existed.

Rebuilding My Running Habit

Although I’ve been a runner for nearly a decade, my training routine started to deteriorate during COVID. I pretty much stopped running for a few months at the end of 2023. My first run back was in late January, and boy was it painful.

I train 6 days a week now and do about 50-60 km each week. It’s mostly easy miles with one interval session and one long run.

The goal is to build up to half marathon distance on the weekly long run. Then, I’ll focus on increasing my easy running pace.

It’s so good to be back!