About Me


Hi, I’m Radek.

I’m a software engineer based in London.

I like making new things, learning new things and writing about both. For the last 14 years, I’ve been designing and writing computer programs. I know, I can’t believe it’s been so long either. A lot has changed since I was 12, but my interest in software development only grew stronger.

Over the years, I got to work with many different technology stacks including Ruby, Python, C, Bash, JS, CoffeeScript and many others. I like working on open source projects and there are several that I developed on my own.

Starting early in 2012, I joined Red Hat’s kernel-qe team to work on the LNST project, a tool for making automated and portable network tests (mainly the networking stack in the Linux kernel).

In October 2013, I moved to London to join Kano and help building Kano OS, an intuitive, beginner-friendly distribution of Linux for the Raspberry Pi. I’ve been involved in many projects at Kano, including the package repository manager, the system on-boarding and updater. I also made this animation.