FOSDEM 2016: What I learned

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Writing for developers, part 3

Writing for developers, part 2

Writing for developers

My notes from LNUG November 2015

Open-source project release checklist

Parallel commits with gitwalk

Build a new open-source project every year

gitwalk: Bulk processing of git repos

Manipulating git repositories with Node.js

httpie: A CLI http client that will make you smile

Growing the community around your open-source project

Turning users into contributors

Spreading the word about your open-source project

Make your open-source project accessible

Marketing for open-source projects

Students and open source: A match made in heaven

How to use Github issues to attract new contributors

The future of open source for programmers

Should innovation be driven by experiments or experience?

How to pick an open source licence for your code

Secondary skills for software engineers

Open source software in the commercial world

Bringing the best of Bash scripting to Ruby

Free software vs. open source: What's the difference?

Printing images in the terminal with 9 lines of Ruby

Setting up a Debian repository using dr

5 Useful Gmail Filters for GitHub Users

docopt: A brief introduction

Digital For Good: Inspirations




GitHub Authentication with Octokit

The Halting Problem

Debian Repository Manager

Small gem updates

Terminal colours made simple


Word-wrap in Ruby

Moving Designs

Developers Conference 2013

The Biography of Linus Torvalds


Raspberry Pi

Brief GDB Basics

Boxes Comic

The Magical container_of() Macro

Fedora 17 Tweaks

Custom Kernel for Fedora

Core dumps in Fedora

Test Driven Development

Fun with netcat

Brief History of Time

The DRY Principle

New Domain!

nVidia CUDA on Linux (Fedora 15)

Multiple Versions of gcc on Fedora 15

Learning Ruby

Theorem Proving in Mathematics

The Pragmatic Programmer

Myhill-Nerode Theorem in Practice

Languages in Computer Science

Strings in Computer Science

Errors as Part of Interface

Best Practices in Error Handling

New Theme

Static and extern keywords in C

Basic Computer Science

Introduction to Computer Science

Code Complete!

Design Patterns: Bridge

Design Patterns: Adapter

UML Class Diagram

Interface Segregation Principle

Installing Brother HL-2035 on Fedora 15

Hello Lua

Dependency Inversion Principle

Building Ogre3D from Sources on Fedora 15

Liskov Substitution Principle

Design Patterns: Renderer

Single Responsibility Principle

The 'Oh' Moment

SOLID Object-Oriented Design

Open/Closed Principle in Software Design

Design Patterns: Object Pool

Design Patterns: Prototype

Brute-Force String Generation in C

String Generation for Brute-force Attacks

Design Patterns: Builder

Documenting Python Code with Sphinx

Design Patterns: Abstract Factory

Unit Testing in Python

Design Patterns: Factory Method

Static variables and methods in Python

Private, protected and public in Python

Design Patterns: Singleton

Design Patterns

My notes on vim