Code Complete!

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I got a copy of this awesome book today and I’m so excited, I have to write a post about it :-)!

All right, mate, you got yourself a book, carry on.

But it’s in English! I read this holy bible of programming already. But it was only the crappy Czech translation, which is not only a lot worse, it’s actually more expensive than the original version.

The only thing that sucks about this book is, that it’s a paperback. Why the hell does anyone ship a thousand-page book in paperback version only? The explanation is very simple. In fact, it’s written right on the cover. Let’s see if you can figure it out! Here’s a couple of pictures:

Book cover 1
Book cover front
Book cover 2
Book cover side

You got it! Microsoft Press. Who else could possibly screw up this otherwise perfect piece of literature? Even the Czech version comes in hardcover edition. Yeah, I’m not a bit fan of Microsoft. Other than that the book is pretty amazing. I recommend it to everyone who is serious about software development.