Why have a blog like this?

2 min read

You might be wondering, what is a blog like this good for? I mean, the blog season (when it was cool to have a place on the Internet) is over. On top of that, there are probably a thousands of other sites with the same information about Linux, so nobody will read it anyway.

Well. I personally think that having a blog is great for the author in the first place. If you’re getting into something new, you can post an article about the thing. But writing an article requires some level of understanding and grasp on the problem, so it will force you to go deeper into the area and learn more!

The other great thing is (also good for the author) that you can always get back to your blog and see what notes have you made on the subject and you’ll quickly recall how to solve the problem.

The third thing is, that someone could (accidentally) find your blog while experiencing similar difficulties and it might help him get things done!

So, the way I look at blogs as public on-line notebooks, you probably won’t end all wars nor save the environment. But it will definitely make you a little bit more educated in the things you write about and if the constellation of things inside Google gets right, your notes might even help someone with their daily issues with those evil computer machines!