New to Fedora

1 min read

Just yesterday, after a long time of evaluating all pro’s and con’s, I finally decided to install Fedora 15 on my desktop machine.

I’ve been using Debian-based distros since high school and I’ve gotten used to it pretty hard over the years. I started with Ubuntu 7.04, then switched to Kubuntu to enjoy some KDE. Then by the time I went to college I was using Debian, which made me happy for some time. After Debian I switched back to Ubuntu.

Now, why did I decide for Fedora? Well, the Ubuntu on my machine was quite outdated and the new 11.04 comes with Unity and software centers. Well, I just wanted to try something different. On top of that, Fedora 15 comes with the new Gnome 3!

Gnome 3 desktop
Gnome 3 Shell on Fedora 15

Now, after the install and some babysteps with Fedora, I have to say it’s pretty amazing. The Gnome 3 environment is far from perfect, but it’s usable. In my opinion it’s way better than the KDE4. It takes some getting used to, but not that much actually. I was pretty bummed out without a task bar, the top menu, but I see, that I don’t need those anymore :-).